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When a child's renal disease progresses to the point where their kidneys can no longer filter waste products from the body, dialysis must be initiated. At Cohen Children's, our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and social workers specializes in dialysis and is well trained in the unique care of children. When necessary, we expertly provide dialysis for newborns and infants—something that is not offered at many other hospitals. 

Types of dialysis

We offer two methods of performing dialysis: 

  • Hemodialysis, which is performed several times per week in the hospital; our knowledgeable staff members filter the blood through a machine and return it to the child. 
  • Peritoneal dialysis, which is performed nightly at home by a family member; we train them to attach tubing in the abdomen to a machine, which is kept in the child’s bedroom.

At Cohen Children's, we almost always view pediatric dialysis as a temporary measure while awaiting a kidney transplant. Our ultimate goal is for your child to live the most healthy, normal life possible.

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