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About pediatric and adolescent gynecologic surgery

Pediatric surgeons offer a broad range of services and surgical care to pediatric and adolescent females with a variety of gynecologic needs

Our approach to treatment

Cohen Children’s provides top-notch pediatric and adolescent gynecologic surgeons. The main areas we focus on are ovarian and adnexal cysts and/or masses. This can range from benign simple cysts to hemorrhagic cysts, and benign and malignant ovarian neoplasms. We also treat ovarian torsion, which is an emergency situation where the ovary twists. Additionally, we treat labial adhesions, trauma and other pelvic masses or tumors.

One of our major goals is to save the ovary in each and every case that is safe to do so (referred to as “ovarian sparing surgery”). We approach all surgeries in a minimally invasive fashion, when possible, for less pain and scarring and quicker recovery.

We collaborate with adolescent and adult gynecologists to provide comprehensive post-operative care, including long-term follow-up care.

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