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About inguinal and scrotal disorders

Inguinal and scrotal disorders in children refer to two main issues: inguinal hernias and hydroceles. When babies develop in the womb, they form a short tunnel through their lower abdominal wall, which is supposed to seal off prior to birth. If the tunnel does not close off and persists after birth, organs or tissues inside the abdominal cavity can poke through the hole and cause the skin to bulge in the groin or even down to the scrotum, in boys. In girls, the lump can be in the groin and go down to the labia. This is known as an inguinal hernia, and it is one of the most common problems that pediatric surgeons see. It is more common in boys and children who were born premature. If the bulge contains only fluid, than this condition is called a hydrocele.

Our approach to treatment

Our expert surgeons use the newest technology and leading-edge techniques to repair inguinal hernias in both boys and girls. We are among the first centers to repair these hernias laparoscopically; this minimally invasive approach uses very small incisions, which decreases pain and scarring and speeds recovery. Our surgeons work closely with our pediatric anesthesiologists, who use innovative approaches with nerve blocks to minimize postoperative discomfort and lessen the need for postoperative narcotic. We also have significant expertise in treating hydroceles in a wide variety of patients.

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