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Visiting guidelines

Visiting a patient at Cohen Children's Medical Center

We recognize the great importance of family, friends and other loved ones paying visits to our patients. These visits keep our patients' spirits up and bring smiles to their faces. While we encourage visitors, we do have several guidelines we ask you to follow:

  • Visitors are welcome at any time during the patient’s stay.
  • Parents are considered primary care partners and are welcome to come and go as needed.  One adult family member is encouraged to sleep in the room with the child.
  • Visitors are also welcome to stay with a family member or friend when they are in the hospital’s Emergency Department, or are here for outpatient services or ambulatory surgery.
  • Parents/guardians can choose who can and cannot visit their children while they are in our facility without regard to legal relationship, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.
  • If we place any limits on visiting, it must be reasonable and based on the patient’s medical condition, and must be explained to the parent/guardian and to you.

Restrictions might be placed on visitations if:

  • The parent/guardian requests restrictions or limitations.
  • There are safety concerns, such as infection.
  • Visiting interferes with the care of the other patients, including the need for their rest and/or privacy.
  • There’s an existing court order that restricts contact.
  • Visitors are disruptive, threatening or violent.
  • The patient is in a substance abuse/mental/behavioral health treatment program that requires limited visiting. 

Visits from children:

  • Children are welcome to visit a family member, but those under the age of 16 should be supervised by a responsible adult during their visit.
  • Young children are expected to stay with an adult who is responsible for supervising them to ensure a safe and restful environment for the patient and any other patient(s) sharing their room. You are encouraged to keep visits from young children brief.

Contact a patient

Contact by phone:

To contact a patient by phone, call Cohen Children's Medical Center at (718/516) 470-3000. Give the operator the patient’s full name, and they will connect you to the patient's room phone.  If the parent chose not to have this information available, the operator will not disclose the patient's phone number.

Note: Operators will not disclose information about a patient's medical status or personal information under any circumstance.

Contact by mail:

To send mail to a patient, please address it as follows:

Child's full name and room number
Cohen Children's Medical Center
269-01 76th Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040