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Art & music therapy

Art and music therapists utilize the creative process, via visual art and music interventions, to help children and their families express feelings associated with illness and hospitalization. Individual and group activities may include painting, sculpting, drawing, journaling, singing, and playing/listening to/writing music.

We foster therapeutic, medical and recreational play

  • Therapeutic play allows children the opportunity to work through some of the challenges of their own unique experiences. They are able to gain a sense of control and express their feelings.
  • Medical play allows children to understand what they will see, hear and experience while in the hospital. Under the guidance of our staff members, they can rehearse and ask questions about their upcoming medical procedures, diagnostic tests or surgical procedures. Child life specialists utilize teaching dolls, puppets and "surgi-dolls" to help teach children.
  • Recreational play offers children a chance to escape from medical procedures and hospital life to just be kids and enjoy the comfort of their family and friends. They can enjoy things like reading, playing video games and painting a picture.

Activity centers

Each inpatient unit has a playroom or dayroom in order to help meet the various developmental needs of our pediatric patients and to offer a place to play, relax and socialize with other children. These rooms are free from medical exams, procedures and discussions in order to create a comfortable and calming space for children. It’s filled with board games, toys, movies, books, arts and crafts activities, computers and video games. All items are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use to protect our patients and visitors.

All of our activity centers are accessible seven days a week, as well as some evenings. Children visiting these areas must be medically cleared prior to participating. If they are not cleared, our child life team can bring games, toys and activities to them.

We also offer horticulture therapy, pet therapy, knitting program, yoga program, MeTV program, art exhibits and other special events. These programs encourage self-expression, alleviate stress, provide distraction and promote normal growth and development, all of which are integral to healing.