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We provide medical interpreter services to all non-English speaking families. If you or a family member needs an interpreter, please notify our staff and we will be happy to contact a representative.

Deaf health services

We are also committed to providing healthcare access to patients and family members who are deaf. We have a full-time certified sign language interpreter on staff and a team of qualified interpreters available for evenings and weekends.

If you need our services on a weekday, please ask the staff to page us at beeper 25-5065. On nights and weekends, call the pager operators at (718) 470-7000 and they will contact the assigned on-call interpreter.

We also provide telephone services for people who are deaf. TTY pay phones are located in our lobby and Emergency Department waiting area. If your child is admitted to the hospital, a TTY will be provided at no cost through TV rental at Extension 7055. Closed captioning is available through our TV service, as well.