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We have a chapel located in the atrium across from the surgery waiting area. Open 24 hours a day, the chapel provides a tranquil place for patients, families and staff of all faiths to reflect and pray as they cope with some of life's most profound moments.

We welcome you to visit the chapel as often as you'd like, and to use this quiet space for your own prayer or meditation. Prayer requests for a patient or loved one may be left in the chapel's prayer book. A current listing of prayer service times is posted in the chapel. Rosaries, electric Sabbath candles, prayer rugs, kneelers and sacred texts and scriptures in many languages are available in the chapel.

We also have a meditation and prayer room on the first floor near the Long Island Jewish Medical Center lobby.

Pastoral care

Chaplains are vital members of the healthcare team. They are available to provide spiritual support to patients, families and staff of all faiths, and they listen in an open and nonjudgmental way. In addition, they provide emotional support for those without a specific faith. Both rabbis and Roman Catholic chaplains are available upon request.

You may call a chaplain when you want:

  • The comfort of prayer
  • Spiritual or religious guidance
  • Religious literature, such as a Bible, Torah or Quran
  • A special religious or cultural ritual, such as baptism, anointing of the sick, or blessing
  • To contact a member of your own faith
  • Support when your child is having surgery or undergoing a difficult procedure

For more information about our spiritual services, please call (718) 470-3664.