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Gift shop

The gift shop is located in the atrium of the lobby. The gift shop sells games, toys, flowers, stuffed animals, mylar balloons, basic toiletry items and a variety of novelty items for children of all ages. Soda, candy and snacks are also available. Visitors may take gifts directly to the patient when visiting. Flowers and gifts from outside vendors can be ordered over the phone and delivered the same day right to the patient unit.

Gift restrictions:

  • Latex balloons are not allowed due to potential allergies and choking hazards. 
  • For health reasons, live flowers are not permitted in the intensive care unit or the Med 4 hematology/oncology unit.


Parents can shower at designated areas on the 2nd and 4th floors. Towels and toiletries are available upon request. Parents may also take a shower at the Ronald McDonald House located next door.

Laundry facilities are available on the 4th floor. Laundry detergent is provided.  

Food services

Food plays an important role in your child’s recovery, which is why we serve nutritious and appetizing meals. Our buffet-style meal cart, dubbed “Café O’Kidz,” features freshly prepared foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located on each floor. Your child, as well as you and your family, are invited to choose items from the cart at no cost to you. In addition, pantries on each floor are stocked with a variety of infant and baby foods and formulas, as well as milk, juice and snacks. Coffee and tea are also available to the parents.

If your child’s doctor prescribes a special diet, they may not be able to choose items from the cart. In this case, your child will be provided with meal trays from our dietary department. Dietitians are available to offer guidance on the nutritional needs of your child.

Please let your nurse know if your child has any additional dietary requirements. Special requests, including Kosher and vegetarian diets, can be accommodated.

You are permitted to bring meals from home for your child, as long as they do not go against any guidelines put forth by their doctor. Please label all food with your child’s name, room number and the date and store it in the refrigerators specially designated for family and patient use. We request that you do not offer any food or drinks to other patients, as many are on specialized diets.

There are additional locations where parents and families can dine:

  • The New Horizons Café, located in the lower level of Cohen Children's Medical Center, is open from 6am to 8pm. There are also vending machines outside the Café.
  • The Au Bon Pain cafe, located near the main lobby of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Each inpatient unit has a playroom or dayroom in order to help meet the various developmental needs of our pediatric patients and to offer a place to play, relax and socialize with other children. These rooms are free from medical exams, procedures and discussions in order to create a comfortable and calming space for children. It’s filled with board games, toys, movies, books, arts and crafts activities, computers and video games. All items are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after use to protect our patients and visitors.

All of our activity centers are accessible seven days a week, as well as some evenings. Children visiting these areas must be medically cleared prior to coming in. If they are not cleared, our child life team can bring games, toys and activities to them.

Kohl's Family Resource Center

The Kohl's Family Resource Center provides health information resources to enhance a family's understanding of their child's medical condition. Resources include books, pamphlets, videos and internet access. You may search for information on your own or with the assistance of a librarian. There are also fax and photocopy machines available.

In addition, you are welcome to use the Center as a place to relax or to check your personal email and keep other family members informed of your child’s progress.

The Family Resource Center is located on the first floor of the hospital.