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A childhood cancer survivor of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) helps others by sharing her story.
After losing 700 days of her life to a difficult to diagnose hypersomnia, Sarah Hastings received a treatment solution through Cohen Children's Medical Center.
Maverick Saatchi and Jacob Oquendo's premature births brought multiple scares. Cohen Children's NICU got them on hopeful paths.
Adrianna enjoys an active childhood, even as she deals with respiratory issues such as including tracheomalacia and a genetic mutation for cystic fibrosis.
Minimally invasive surgery helped Hempstead teen Hailie Martinez leave severe scoliosis pain behind and return to dancing.
A bone marrow transplant was just what John needed when his childhood leukemia relapsed.
Liam’s only 4 years old, but he already sets an example for other children by staying healthy and using blood glucose monitors and insulin pumps.
A novel surgical approach is helping Paul and Adryana Navarro live without the pain and headaches from myelomeningocele.
Find out how you can safeguard against the ubiquitous virus that has several strains spreading through the East Coast.
Container gardening is a great intro to the joys of growing and cultivating plants. It's also simple enough to keep your kids interested.