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Our approach

At Cohen Children's, we use the most advanced technologies to treat our tiniest patients.


The PRECICE nail device is designed to manage and treat bone length discrepancies in children - without repeated surgeries. Whether the discrepancy is in the femur, tibia or both, limb deformities can affect a child’s well-being and quality of life. This device removes the need for an external fixation frame, decreasing the possibility of site infection and other complications.

The PRECICE device is surgically implanted into a bone of the leg. The lengthening occurs when the hand held remote control unit is activated and placed directly over the implant. “Lengthening sessions” are done by the patient or caregiver and typically occur in very small increments several times each day. 

Reasons for treatment

The PRECICE nail device is used to treat limb length discrepancy in children. The discrepancy may be in the femur, tibia or both. Minor differences in limb length are fairly common, but a significant difference in the length of the legs can cause pain and affect a child’s quality of life.

What to expect after treatment

The purpose of the PRECICE nail is to hold the bones together while the body makes new bone to fill in the gaps that exist. During the phase that your child’s bones are regenerating, it is very important to follow your surgeon’s instructions about use of the device.

A second surgery is required approximately one year later to remove the implant, once the bones have matured and healed.

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