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Our approach

At Cohen Children’s, we’re focused on advancing patient care to make treatment safer, easier and more effective for our young patients. We are among a few facilities in the country offering MAGEC growing rods, a new treatment system for children with severe spinal deformities.


Magnetic Expansion Control Spinal Bracing System (MAGEC) is an advanced treatment for severe scoliosis that uses implanted magnetic rods to correct curvatures of the spine. Using rods that can be lengthened magnetically during a painless, noninvasive outpatient procedure, MAGEC eliminates the need for repeat surgeries and lengthy recovery time. With this advanced approach to scoliosis treatment, young patients get custom management of their growth so that they can develop in a way that’s right for them. 

The rods are lengthened magnetically every three to six months at your child’s doctor’s office. Most children have two MAGEC rods (one on each side of the spine) that are adjusted individually.

The system consists of an adjustable growing rod and an external controller that features innovative magnetic technology to control the implanted device.

Reasons for treatment

MAGEC rods benefit children who have significant, progressive scoliosis or other spinal abnormality and are young enough that they still have a significant amount of growing to do.  MAGEC offers a unique treatment for early onset scoliosis by utilizing a noninvasive solution to the management of spinal deformity in growing children.

What to expect after treatment

Soreness in and around the incision is normal following any surgical procedure.

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