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Pediatric hospital medicine patients may be admitted from the Cohen Children’s Emergency Department or from another healthcare facility. Traditionally, when a child is admitted to the hospital, a large number of staff members provide their care, which can make it difficult to remember who is who. But at Cohen Children’s, our pediatric hospitalists provide the main care for seamless and personalized treatment and are available 24/7. Hospitalists are physicians with special expertise in caring for children admitted to hospitals. The pediatric hospitalist conducts family centered rounds with a multidisciplinary team, which includes bedside nurse, pediatric residents, social worker, case manager and child life specialists. Our staff collaborates with patients and families to make the best decision about each child’s care.  

Throughout your stay, the pediatric hospitalist will communicate and coordinate with your child's primary care physician to ensure a smooth transition home. We'll contact them at a minimum of twice during your child's hospitalization (on admission and on discharge). Primary care physicians will be asked to participate in multidisciplinary conferences at the discharge of  medically complex patients, which helps ensure everyone is working together to provide comprehensive, high-quality care.

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