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A team of six medical professionals stand heroically in front of Cohen Children’s Medical Center.
Most heroes have only one sidekick.
Every little hero we see is surrounded by a supporting cast of highly trained specialists. Their goal isn’t just to cure cancer, it’s to keep kids healthy for life.
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Meet Joseph

Joseph came to Cohen Children’s Medical Center when his parents noticed that he stopped moving his legs. We saw a 4-month-old boy with the world at his fingertips. At the time, he couldn’t speak, but our team read his symptoms loud and clear. We immediately surrounded him with specialists, and within 24 hours, we had him on the road to recovery. Almost two years later, he’s more than a happy, healthy toddler; he’s one of our biggest inspirations.

His Diagnostic Team

Cancer is not a one-size-fits-all disease. Some types require surgery. Some respond better to chemotherapy. All of them are serious. The highly specialized radiologists on our diagnostic team used advanced imaging techniques and minimally invasive biopsies to put Joseph’s neuroblastoma on the ropes. They also analyzed his genetic makeup to personalize his treatments. Less than two years later, Joseph’s family got his best diagnosis yet when they found out he was on his way to entering our Survivors Facing Forward program.

His Medical Team

Every minute that ticked away lowered Joseph’s chances for a full recovery. The medical team suspected that something was lurking in his spine. To be sure, they needed Joseph to go toe-to-toe with the MRI machine. Our radiologist saw a tumor growing in Joseph’s chest, compressing his spinal cord and keeping Joseph from moving his legs. Neuroblastoma. The medical team collaborated closely and quickly with specialists who don’t just treat cancer, but childhood cancer. For Joseph, that distinction meant a world of difference.

His Research Team

Joseph’s cancer was rare, but decades of research and clinical trials armed us with the knowledge to help him beat it. His DNA adds valuable perspective to our genetic database that helps predict outcomes, determine treatments and minimize risks for future patients. Thanks to our GREAT (Genomics for Risk Evaluation in Anti-cancer Therapy) KIDS Project, every little hero we see today brings us one step closer to a cure tomorrow.

His Support Team

We make sure no sickness stands between our patients and healthy childhood development. So we know it takes a lot of finger paint for a full recovery. Our support team joined forces with Joseph and his family to help them tackle the physical and emotional challenges that come with cancer. Our goal is to make sure that nothing, not even neuroblastoma, keeps a kid from feeling like a kid. We’re not satisfied with just curing cancer–we want to see our patients grow into happy, healthy toddlers, teens and adults.

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