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A female patient examine's a baby patient with a stethoscope in an exam room.
Expert pediatric gastroenterology care
Our dedicated team diagnoses, manages and cares for a variety of pediatric gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders. We also educate our patients and their families about their medical concerns and provide guidance and support.

The Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Cohen Children’s is dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for children from infancy to young adulthood. We treat a wide variety of pediatric gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders and are fully equipped to perform the necessary diagnostic procedures to help make a definitive diagnosis of your child’s medical issues.

Best Children's Hospitals

Nationally recognized for extraordinary care

We’ve once again been ranked among the nation’s top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report for superior pediatric care. Cohen Children’s Medical Center is proud to be nationally recognized in seven other specialties.

Erin's story

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Erin missed out on typical teenage milestones. But the nationally recognized GI surgeons at Cohen Children’s Medical Center got Erin back to school. Because college applications and senior prom should be the only things to worry about at 17 years old.

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