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Nutrition is a key factor in improving the growth and overall health of premature infants and for all infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). A mother's milk is especially vital, as it provides key nutrients and immune factors for the baby.

To support proper nutrition, we have a designated Milk Center within our NICU that is responsible for providing information, receiving milk, preparing milk and distributing milk to meet each infant’s individualized feeding plan. This Center maintains high-quality care in infant feeding. It is the only center of its kind in New York state.

We employ an organized team of physicians, neonatal nutritionists, lactation specialists, oral feeding specialists and milk nutrition technicians. This support has enabled nearly all infants in the NICU to receive human milk. Should a mother's milk supply be less than her infant’s needs, donor human milk is available if parents choose.

Each day, lactation specialists review the infant’s milk needs and parents’ concerns with their supply. The neonatal nutritionists make bedside rounds with the medical team to ensure appropriate nutrition is provided to the infant to meet individualized growth needs. Growth charts are reviewed with parents and the team. The nutrition plan for after NICU discharge is also addressed and follow-up is provided when needed.

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