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Behavioral health

Safeguarding the emotional and psychological well-being of your child, from infancy to young adulthood, is a tremendous responsibility. Children and adolescents face numerous obstacles as they do their best to navigate these sometimes awkward and challenging stages of development.

Many of our providers have completed extensive additional training in diagnosing and treating the most common pediatric behavioral health conditions, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and mild to moderate depression. This means that, in many cases, your child may not need a referral to see a behavioral health specialist. 

Additionally, several of our practices have behavioral health therapists on-site to conduct counseling sessions. Since our practices are part of Cohen Children’s Medical Center and associated with Zucker Hillside Hospital—Northwell Health’s nationally recognized behavioral health center—we are uniquely positioned to connect you to child psychiatrists based on your child’s needs.

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